Visible spectro lamps

Visible spectro lamps

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ManufacturerModelPart NumberPrice in GBP
CamspecM105, M106 and M107VIS-27£98.00 for a Pack of 2
CamspecM108 series 1 and M501VIS-23£98.00 for a Pack of 2
CamspecM508 , M550, M209T and M108 Series 2VIS-28£98.00 for a Pack of 2
CamspecM302, M330, and M350VIS-8£106.00
CecilAll series ONE modelsVIS-5£79.00
CecilAll series TWO modelsVIS-6£79.00
Jenway6105 and 6100VIS-10£98.00 for a Pack of 2
Jenway6300, 6400 and 6500VIS-17£98.00 for a Pack of 2
KontronAll instrumentsVIS-15£93.00
LKB pharmaUltraspecsVIS-9£98.00 for a Pack of 2
Perkin ElmerModel 3/3AVIS-7A£125.00
Perkin ElmerAll Lambda modelsVIS-7£125.00
Thermo-SpectronicGenesis modelsVIS-16£98.00 for a Pack 2
Unicam8600, 8700, and 5600VIS-4£100.00
Thermo UnicamUV1, UV2, UV3 and UV4VIS-14£79.00
Thermo UnicamAll Helios modelsVIS-21£98.00 for a Pack of 2
Shimadzu1200 and 1700VIS-20£83.00 for a Pack of 2
Shimadzu2100VIS-2A£83.00 for a Pack of 2