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Price in GBPManufacturerModelPart


Price in GBP
CamSpecM105, M106, nd M107Vis-2796 pk of 2LKB PharmaUltraspecsVis-996 pk of 2
CamSpecM108 and M501Vis-2396 pk of 2Perkin  ElmerLambda 3/3AVis-7A122 each
CamSpecM508 and M550Vis-2896 pk of 2Perkin  ElmerAll Lambda modelsVis-7122 each
CamSpecM302, M330, M350Vis-8104 eachThermo UnicamGenesis 2 and 5Vis-10A98 pk of 2
CecilAll series 1 modelsVis-577 eachUnicam8600, 8700 and 8800Vis-498 each
CecilAll series 2 modelsVis-677 eachThermo UnicamUV2, UV3, and UV4Vis-1477 each
Jenway6100 and 6105Vis-1096 pk of 2Thermo UnicamAll Helios (no block)Vis-2196 pk of 2
Jenway6300,6400 and 6500Vis-1796 pk of 2Shimadzu1201 and 1700Vis-2081 each
KontronAll instrumentsVis-1591 eachShimadzu2100Vis-2A65 each