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pH electrode applications

Part NumberDescriptionApplicationsPrice in GBP
111-75P11 standard glass combination electrode Beer blood cement Dairy49.00
111-90p11-rod-glass-combination-ph-electrodeLiquids general purpose with a tough membrane49.00
111-99P11DLJ glass combination electrodeHigh Accuracy104.50
111-993P11DLJLiCl glass combi pH electrodeNon Aqueous samples104.50
111-702P11HA glass combination pH electrodeHigh Alkaline77.00
111-705P11HF hydrofluoric acid Combi pH electrodeHydrofluoric Acid77.00
111-95P11DW glass combination pH electrodeDrinking water124.00
111-761P11 glass combination protected bulb pH electrodepH where a very robust device is needed67.00
111-93P11CERDLJ glass combination DJ pH electrodeHigh accuracy in liquids or non aqueous solutions104.50
111-712P11CERCOIL glass combination electrodeHigher accuracy and stability104.50
112-75P12 Long reach glass combination pH electrodeLab Flasks Beer Blood Cosmetics Paint Test tubes69.00
113-75P13 Semi Micro glass combination pH electrodeMicro samples71.00
113-90p134180nmr-semi-micro-combi-ph-electrodeSpecial applications with NMR88.00
114-75P14 Standard combination plastic bodied pH electrodeBeer Cosmetics Education Field Use49.00
114-97P14DJ Epoxy bodied DJ combination pH electrodeHigh accuracy72.00
114-708P14HF Epoxy bodied combination pH electrodeHydrofluoric Acid76.00
114-715P14HA Epoxy bodied combination pH electrodeHigh Alkaline76.00
115-75P15LCW Glass combination pH electrodeLow conductivity water100.00
116-75P16TB Glass combination pH electrodeTris buffers104.50
117-75P17FH Glass combination pH electrodeFlat head electrode for most applications104.50
118-75P18SE Spear glass combination pH electrodeBread Dough Soil Field use71.00
119-75P19SDS small spear glass combination pH electrodeBread dough Dairy Fish Meat cheese Soil80.00
120-77P20 3 in 1 glass combination electrodeBeer Fats Cream Field use104.50
121-75P21 Sleeve glass ph-combination electrodeColloids, low conductivity, difficult/viscous samples.188.00