Manual wavelength Visible spectrophotometer M107

Camspec M107 manual wavelength visible spectrophotometerManual wavelength visible spectrophotometer M107, uses a simple mechanism to select the wavelength and order sorting filters.  This feature offers permanent wavelength calibration and eliminates wavelength initialisation routines at switch on.  Signal processing and results displayed are microprocessor controlled. The narrow 5nm bandpass gives improved analytical sensitivity.  The outstanding optical performance of this visible spectrophotometer is also indicated by the low zero drift (less than 0.001 Abs/Hour) and the low stray light (0.1%T @ 340nm).

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The USB output provides a convenient link to a PC.  A low-cost application program which runs under Windows™ includes the facility to create calibration curves and print out the results on your PC's printer.  The reaction kinetics program, when used with the thermostatted cell holder accessory, provides an excellent low-cost enzyme analysis system.

Using a reconfigured grating monochromator from the successful M105 and M106 visible spectrophotometer models, the M107 offers more performance and versatility with only a modest price difference.  The large sample compartment allows the use of a wide range of accessories, including a 4-position cell changer with holder for cell pathlengths up to 50mm.  A membrane keyboard positioned next to the large clear LCD display, allows the operator to rapidly switch between %T, Abs and Concentration modes and to set Zero Absorbance.

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Specifications of the Visible spectrophotometer Model M107

Camspec M107 manual wavelength visible spectrophotometerDisplay - 4 lines x 20-character LCD

Light source - Tungsten-Halogen

Monochromator - 1200 lines/mm grating

Detector - Silicon Photodiode

Wavelength Range - 325 - 1000nm

Wavelength Accuracy - ± 2 nm

Wavelength Repeatability - ± 1 nm

Noise - < 0.001A @ 500nm 0A

Zero Drift - < 0.003A per hour after warm-up

Bandpass - 5 nm

Stray Light - <0.1%T @ 340 nm

Photometric Accuracy - +/- 1% 0-2 A

Photometric Range - -1 to 2.5A, 0-125%T and

-9999C and +9999C

Computer Interface - USB for PC control

Power Requirements - 110/120V, 220/230V,

50/60 Hz, 60VA

Dimensions - 420 x 330 x 180mm packed 645 x

535 x 370mm

Weight - 7Kg packed 10Kg

Accessories for Visible spectrophotometer M107

The M107/M108 sample compartment (155 x 70 x 85mm) enables accessories to be exchanged in a few seconds.

10mm single cell or flowcell holder, P/N 107-102. Accepts standard rectangular and 4mm semi-micro 10mm pathlength cells, or a 10mm pathlength flowcell with Z=8.5mm.

Test-tube holder, P/N 107-101. This V-type round test-tube holder holds tubes of diameters from 10 to 25mm. The access hole in the sample compartment lid means that any height test-tube can be used. The design of the holder ensures the tube is always central in the light beam. This means that the light beam is not bent and so remains aligned with the detector. This accessory is mounted on the same base-plate as the single cell holder.

Thermostatted cell holder and front panel, P/N 107-105. Accepts a standard rectangular 10mm pathlength macro or 4mm semi-micro cell. Requires connection to an external circulating water bath.

Standard Four-position manual cell changer, P/N 107-103. (Supplied with M108). Accepts four standard rectangular 10mm pathlength macro or 4mm semi-micro cells. The mechanical locating of the cell positions is very positive, giving excellent reproducibility.

Long pathlength Four-position manual cell changer, P/N 107-104. Accepts four standard rectangular 10-50mm pathlength macro cells.

M107 PC Application Software, P/N 108-110. For up to 3rd order concentration curves and timescans

Printer, P/N 330-100. 40 character impact printer including battery charger, spare ribbon and spare paper roll.

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