Food texture analyser TMS pro

Food Technology Corporation’s TMS texture analyzers are standalone systems which use software control to perform a variety of texture tests.   They are complete texture measurement systems. These instruments are based on the principle of the universal testing machine, specifically designed to perform texture analysis .  This is the modern version of the original texturometer. The ability to program and automate custom test procedures, accept a large selection of fixtures and a range of loadcells.  This makes it a very powerful instrument.

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Food texture analyser TMS pro is the “flagship” of the FTC line

When the application calls for precise force, position and speed control, the TMS-Pro is unsurpassed.Food texture analyser Model TMS-pro The Food texture analyser TMS pro was designed as an affordable alternative texture analyzer to the very high priced test systems offered by competitors.  With a capacity of 2500 Newtons, (550 lbs.) in compression or tension, the TMS-Pro can handle the toughest applications.  The system comes complete with the Texture Lab Pro (TL-Pro) software package and any size loadcell of your choice. The TMS-Pro texture analyser accepts the full and expanding line of FTC test cells including the industry standard, FTC Kramer Shear Cell as well as fixtures from our competitors. Best of all the TMS-Pro is backed by FTC's 50 years of food texture measurement experience, applications development and legendary customer service.

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When used with the TMS-Pro load software, the food scientist and researcher can now realize an unmatched level of precision, repeatability and ease of use.

The TL-Pro software offers real-time graphic display so one can “see the test” as it is being performed.

A powerful instruction set supports almost any test method you can think of.  Cyclic test, Texture Profile Analysis (TPA), single stroke, etc. are all easily set up and executed.

Test configurations are saved in a library for instant recall. With an unmatched loadcell data acquisition rate up to 16000 samples per second, high frequency data capture is no problem.

Software Specification

  • FREE Upgrades for Life.
  • Automatic Statistical Calculations.
  • Window XP, 7, 8 compatible.
  • Fast USB or Serial Interface.
  • Easy Data Export to Other Programs.
  • Data Display in Metric or Imperial Units.
  • Graphic Overlays of up to 8 tests.