Texture Analysis Accessories

Texture analyser fixtures manipulate the forces applied to the test sample, to accurately replicate the conditions of a consumer interacting with the product. These accessories ensure that the sample is secured or contained and then deformed in a manner appropriate to the specific test procedure.

Typically a lower fixture supports and presents the test sample while an upper attachment on the texture analyser’s crosshead is lowered into or through the product to implement a compression method or pulls the sample upwards to apply tension. The forces exerted during deformation may vary considerably and the loadcell or force transducer capacity should be matched appropriately.

Fixture Compatibility

Our team of applications engineers will tailor the fixtures offered to meet your exact test requirements, or we can make a custom design to your specifications. Most Food Technology Corporation fixtures are compatible with our competitors’ products, so please contact us to complete your hardware set up even if you do not use an FTC texture analyser.

Download Brochure

Download the detailed PDF brochure for further information on test cells and fixtures including probes and adapters, methods and more.

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Load cells

FTC’s load cells and force transducers complement the texture analyser, measuring the forces exerted during the texture test procedure. Selecting the appropriate capacity in relation to the test loads, optimises accuracy. You will also need to select your loadcell dependent upon the texture analyser model itself.

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General Fixtures

General probes, in a range of shapes and sizes, are applicable to many test types, and sample presentation accessories locate and contain the sample securely. Auxiliary adapters allow flexibility in connecting other hardware for maximum versatility.  Click on the image to navigate to the page.


Method-Specific Fixtures

We offer a choice of fixtures designed for all texture-related mechanical test methods.  Click on the image to navigate to the page.


Industry-Specific Fixtures

We supply bakery and gel testing fixtures to enable procedures for specific industry standards to be performed.  Click on the image to navigate to the page.