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Stock CodeLaboratory Conductivity Cells Price in £
210-75K10 Glass Bodied K=194.00
210-7XK10-6mm Glass Bodied K=1168.00
220-75K20 Epoxy Bodied K=1105.00
221-77K21 Epoxy Bodied K=0.1147.00
222-77K22 Epoxy Bodied K=10147.00
225-XXK25 Epoxy Bodied K=0.55154.00
230-75K30 Glass Flow Through Cell K=1137.00
240-75K40 Glass Bodied K=0.1153.00
252-05118MPRB-USP K=0.08185.00
210-88K10-5mm Glass Bodied K=1 2x4mm168.00
210-881K10-5mm Glass Bodied K=1 BNC168.00
All of the conductivity cells above have ATC built into them.
At the time of ordering please specify which manufacturers meter you will be using because different makers use either PT100 or PT1000