Specialists in the service repair of a wide range of UV-Visible, IR, FT-IR and AA spectrophotometers (including the Aurora, Camspec, Cecil, Interspec, Jenway, Perkin Elmer, Thermo Unicam range of instruments, electro-chemical instruments, pH meters, conductivity meters, ION analysers, mercury analysers, polarimeters, refractometers and flame photometers. Our engineers are well known to many laboratory managers in the petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, educational, chemical, research and healthcare fields.

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The company gained BS 5750 (Certificate No: 2402) approval in 1993 this was re-issued on the 12/April/2016 - FOR BS EN ISO 9001: 2015

The company has a fully supported administration centre with a 'real' commitment to the effective management of our customers' needs.