FTIR spectrophotometer

The Laboratory FTIR spectrophotometer model 200X represents a cost effective Fourier Transform Infrared Instrument.  It employs a number of unique features that ensure high performance from a compact instrument. The Interspec 200-X measures just 59 x 39 x 19 cm and is regarded as one of the most compact and versatile infrared FTIR spectrophotometers currently available.  The design of the 200-X is unique both in terms of optical design, the software and firmware designed specifically to significantly reduce overall analytical times.

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The interferometer geometry is a new compact Michelson self compensating optical system, that eliminates many of the optical alignment problems found in conventional type optical interferometers.  The Interspec 200-X FTIR design avoids the use of conventional corner cube optics and dynamic alignment.  In practice this means that the instrument can be used in the Research or QC laboratory, in any industrial or university environment.

Interferometer Performance

All Interspec FTIR instruments offer high SN ratios and can provide SNR up to 15000:1.  Resolution in the infrared is available 1 cm-1 and programmable up to 32 cm-1 (option 0.5 cm-1).  The overall wavelength range is 7000 to 400cm-1 (IR) or 14000 to 5800 cm-1  or  9000 to 3850-1 (NIR).

The Sample Compartment

As you will see the sample compartment is very large and can accommodate all of the sample handling requirements relating to FTIR spectroscopy.  This unique compartment will also accommodate the wide range of accessories supplied by specialist accessory manufacturers.

Overall dimensions are W20 x D26 x H16 cm. The optical axis is 74.5 mm above the base of the sample compartment and there is free space of 90 mm above the optical axis.

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FTIR spectrophotometer specifications

Wavelength range     IR 7000 to 400cm-1

Wavelength range     NIR 14000 to 5800cm-1 or to 9000-3850 cm-1

Resolution standard    1 cm-1

Resolution option    0.5 cm-1

Interferometer    Pendulum roof mirror type

Beam diameter    30 mm

Aperture ratio    f 3.2

Beamsplitter    Standard IR Multicoated KBr

Sample compartment    W20  D26  H16 cm

Source    High intensity air cooled ceramic

Detector    IR standard low noise DLATGS

Data aquisition system    18 bit high speed

Operating system    Windows based interface

Dimensions    W59 D39 H19 cms

Weight    24 Kgs

Temp. environment    15 - 28 °c