Our range of UV-ViS and FTIR spectrometers

Spectronic CamSpec have manufactured sold and serviced the Camspec Visible,  CamSpec UV-Vis and FTIR instruments since they were first made in 1984.

In 2009 we purchased the CamSpec company and continue to manufacture, sell and service the latest range of spectrophotometers.

Our range of Analytical instruments

Spectronic CamSpec market a range of analytical instruments which include Flame photometers, Mercury analysers and a large range of Electrochemical instruments. We supply software, accessories and complete the package with excellent after sales service and customer training.

Our range of Food Texture analysers

Spectronic CamSpec offer the Food Technology Corporation's range of Food texture testing equipment. From software-controlled systems through to fixtures and accessories for specialist testing of food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. This provides a complete solution for texture analysis